Welcome and goals.

Set goals.

Hello to everybody! Yes, I know that I started some blogs before and I gave up them, but now it is different. It is different because I am going to start a new experience in my life on the Wind Energy field. At the end of August, I will land on Sweden to start a Master in the Gotland’s University.  What so decission? Well, since I had common sense I always was interested on ways to make a World more ecological and help our planet from pollution and our dependence from Oil & Gas resources.

I think my background is ideal to continue on that field. As maybe you know, I am an Industrial Engineer at Universidad de Vigo which allows me to be familiar with Engineering principles. In addition, I have the specialization on Production Organization at the same university. After finishing my Final Thesis in Sweden, I started working in a multinational company in Madrid where I was a Process Consultant. Then, I worked in a Building Engineering company and then in a Power Plant in Ireland. As you can see on my Curriculum Vitae, my professional experience would suggest to continue working on the Logistic field or study a MBA. But the current situation in Spain and the high fees for those studies make possible to achieve my old dream to work on Environment projects.

Hence, what do I hope of this new experience? First and as you can suggest, to have a deep knowledge on Wind Power Energy and second, to improve my English level. I am sure in the coming years, Europe will demand more professionals that they can communicate fluently in English and be familiar with international projects.

And this is the purpose of this blog. I am not looking for a website with high traffic which would focus my attention on SEO techniques. Also, I don’t want a blog to post funny videos or just pictures. So, I will write on this blog to increase my knowledge on the Wind Energy and I would use it to check my progress. I hope I find enough time to write on it regularly and I can write personal experiences in order to make it simpler and more attractive. Everybody is welcome.

So, let’s start. :-)


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