Future of Wind Energy in Spain.

Spanish Wind Energy Evolution.

Spanish Wind Power Evolution. Source: Wikipedia.org

Spain is the fourth world’s biggest producer of wind power behind US, Germany and China with an installed capacity of 16 GW at the end of 2008 (the Spanish annual Power System is 91 GW). It means Wind Energy represents the 17% according to the official report by Red Eléctrica de España (Spanish Power Supply) in 2008.

Spain has grown very fast from the 90’s until now and Wind Energy production has overcome the Coal Power Energy and at this moment, and it is the third Spanish energy resource behind the Combine Cycle and Hydraulic Energy generation.

So, now it is the big question: Is the Wind Power to reach the 30% of Spain’s overall energy production?

Spanish Power System distribution.

Some professionals argue we can accomplish this goal because it is technically viable and economically reasonable by 2030, but with the global financial crisis we are living in it is hard to believe this. Especially, after reading some important declarations during the last week.

Borja Prado, (Endesa’s President) in their Shareholders Meeting last Monday, said that “depending the Power System on Renewable Energies within an economical crisis is an inaccessible luxury.” Also, he added that “these technologies cannot have this preferential position while theirs costs are five times more expensive than other safe and clean energies sources.” And he concluded that “Renewable Energies are the consequences of electrical fees increases.” Therefore, he argues “to plan an urgent and serious revision of the renewable regulation in order to cut Government subsidies to Renewable Energies.” In addition, he and his Managing Director (Andrea Brentan) defend to extend the lifecycle of the Nuclear Central Centrals to 60 years old.”

On the other hand, Spanish Industry Ministry (Miguel Sebastián) informed last Wednesday that Spanish Government will cut the Energy grants to the Solar Energy and probably this policy will affect to Wind Power too. Meanwhile, Spanish Government and the main opposition party (PP) try to converge in a shared energy policy.

So, what will it will happen in the coming years? I guess we will know it soon but if I was an oracle, I would deduce that the gold times for Renewable Energies with worthy subsidies are over and now economical grants from Government will be short and small.


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