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Information usually has a very important role in our lives. If we could find the answer for our questions or queries in an efficient way we could accomplish easier our dreams. Internet has helped us very much and nowadays when we need to find new information our first idea is to use Search Engines such us Google or Yahoo.

However, it is very frequently when we are looking for something specific on Internet, we finish on worthless websites and forgetting what our purpose was. So, in order to make easier this task, we are going to show a list of websites that we can help us.

First, I would like to emphasize this article on the famous Wikipedia. It is an article about the most important list of Wind Turbines Manufactures. For sure, Vestas heads the list, but the Spanish companies Gamesa and Acciona are in the 10 Top List. Wind Power has lists of the Wind farms around the world and per country, manufacturers of wind turbines, wind associations, statistics per country, links of wind energy production live monitoring, characteristics of the wind turbines. encourages the international collaboration on R&D and information exchange. There are annual reports by country.  In addition, they have tasks to share information such us, analysis of wind tunnel data, cost of wind energy, power systems with large amounts of wind power, offshore wind energy technology deployment, wind energy in cold climates,…

Where do you live? On this website, you can find the most important fairs in your country or city. And for sure, there are in its database the Wind Power exhibitions. Also, Enterprise-Europe-Network,, and Ite-Exhibitions have similar services.

On the first link on this post, we saw a list of the top companies which produce Wind Turbines. However, there are other websites like Europages where we can find other companies that work in this field.

Wind Energy has a wonderful propose to make a world more ecological. However, it is also a business. Winning international tenders will assure a profitable future to companies and you must know when the projects will arise (Spanish and Galician Languages.) Salt.


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