Spanish Government and Political Opposition make an agreement on Renewable Energies.

It was obvious. On Friday 02nd July, Spanish Government announced that will cut to 35% until 2013 the economic grants to Wind Power. Furthermore, it is going to reduce the quantity of Kw/h with subsidies. According to the Government, the goal of these actions is “to guarantee the renewable benefits will be invested on the consumer’s interests and relieve the economic situation.” Government will expect to safe 1.300 million Euros.

Wind Energy corporations had expressed their rejection to any cut on the economic grants, but it looks they couldn’t avoid it. It is early to know the whole consequences of this, but it make sense Spanish Wind companies will be forced even more to expand their action to international markets.

On the other hand, we know we are living hard times and economic difficulties and those acts will relieve the Spanish Treasure debt. Also, it is true Spain leads a comfortable position within the Renewable Energies field compared to other developed economies (for instance, France or the UK).

However, while countries like the U.S. (or China) bet without contemplations on this kind of energy, it is sure this enviable Spanish situation will threaded soon, very soon. Video of the President Obama visiting a Siemens wind factory in Iowa (U.S.) (April 2010).


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