Adopt a Wind Turbine.

The EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) started a campaign to promote the wind energy, called Fresh Air. On this website is possible to choose an installed European wind turbine and “adopt” it. It is FREE cost, and the goal is to make people more conscious on Wind Power’s benefits. You can adopt just one wind turbine for each email, so I suggest you to be sure which one you select. Are you interested to adopt a wind turbine? What are you waiting for?

According to this campaign, the video show us interesting facts on Wind Power sector and the potential of wind energy to satisfy the energy market demand without CO2 emissions. Today, Wind Power represents the 4% in the EU electricity, and in 2030 it is expected to increase that proportion to 35%. Strategic investment for a continent as Europe which is so shortfall of conventional energy resources.

If we want to accomplish this goal, it is clear that off-shore wind farms will be more important. Although these kinds of wind farms are more expensive, wind speed higher in those locations and bigger wind turbines make them more profitable in medium and long terms. Therefore, it is not strange that professionals on this field will be demanded in the coming years in coasts of the UK, Germany, Netherlands,…

Finally, I would like to emphasize the size evolution of wind turbine over time. It is incredible to see their fast growth. Further information can be checked in this report made by

Size Evolution of Wind Turbines.

Size Evolution of Wind Turbines.


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