Dow Company and their links with the Wind Industry.

It is interesting to discover how companies that they are not directly related to the Wind Power can work for this field as the typical companies do. An example of this, it is the American Chemical company Dow Chemical. This multinational, it is one of the largest companies on the Chemical field with DuPont or BASF.

Dow Chemical provides a wide range of plastics, chemicals and agricultural products with presence in more than 175 countries and employing more than 50.000 people worldwide. In the last year (2009), it reached 44.875 billion U.S dollars and 648 billion U.S. dollars.

Their CEO, Andrew Liveris, must manage thirteen divisions which the productive ones are Hydrocarbons & Energy, Manufacturing & Engineering, Performance Systems, Advanced Materials and Performance Products.

Dow Organigram.

Dow Organigram.

In their industrial product list, they have a thermosetting polymer formed of an epoxide “resin” with polyamine “hardener” called Epoxy. This material is very important in the Wind Power industry because it is used to manufacture the rotor blades of wind turbines. The resin is infused in the core materials (balsa wood or foam) and the reinforcing media (glass or fabric). The process is called VARTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding).

Dow Company explains their improvements on the chemical industry to satisfy the Wind Industry through Airstone Systems, which is a family of products with performance characteristics that are well suited for use in the fabrication of wind blades. This product can make wind blade stronger, lighter and easier to produce.

It is just an example how the industry is interconnected by technology.


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