The World’s largest wind power farm.

Alta Wind Energy Center (AWEC) will be the world’s largest wind power farm with its 1.550 MW. It will be located in the Tehachapi-Mojavi region (about 100 miles north of urban Los Angeles, U.S.) The wind farm is being developed by Terra-Gen Power and will consist of 300 turbines manufactured by Vestas. This Mega-project will replace the current “largest wind farm” which is in Texas (Roscoe Wind Farm).

The company in charge of this project is Terra-Gen Power, which primarily sells the output of the renewable energy projects to load serving entities under long-term power purchase agreements. In this case, Southern California Edison has agreed to a 25-year power purchase agreement for the power producer. The project is planned to finish in 2011.

Although we have already spoke the potential of off-shore wind farms, the advantages of in-shore wind farms when are located in windy and uninhabited areas is indisputable. Instead of populated European regions, North-America has wide regions, like Tehachapi-Mojave, where it makes sense to build wind farms and take advantage of wind power.

Therefore, we will have soon the largest wind farm in the U.S. Nevertheless, the million question is: “Where will be the next largest wind farm? Perhaps in China, Brazil, India?


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