Google and its cero-carbon emissions policy.

According to the Google’s blog, yesterday, 30th July, the Mountain View’s company will start purchasing 114MW from a wind farm at the NextEra Energy Resources Story II facility in Iowa for 20 years. This decision is related to the Google’s purpose to become a carbon neutral company.

On one hand, they try to reduce the carbon emissions by optimizing their data centers, and on the other hand, they power their facilities with renewable energy (they own one of the largest corporate solar installations) and buying the remaining energy from wind power farms.

Google Solar Pannels on their headquarters.

Google Solar Pannels on their headquarters.

I could admit this corporate policy is a marketing strategy to boost their public image. However, if all companies followed this policy to be carbon neutrals, we would live in a very different world and technology in renewable energy would improve fast, very fast.

Can anyone imagine if an iron-steel manufacturer applied this system? How many wind turbines might be built? And what happened if it was an automotive company? Would they compensate the CO2 emissions of building a car? Or even more, the whole car’s life?

Great for Google. Great for all of us.


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