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First reports.

September 16, 2010

Master is running fast. After the Power Point presentations which were useful to know the rest of students and analyze the energetic situation in our countries, now it is time to write the reports. I must recognize writing technical reports in English is more demanding as I had expected.

However, I am proud of my work with the few time we had to write them. Here are posted:

Spain: Energy Situation: Briefly report about the Energetic situation in Spain with personal comments.

Spain: Wind Power Situation: Wind Power policies, forecasts, present situation, so on.


Adopt a Wind Turbine.

July 13, 2010

The EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) started a campaign to promote the wind energy, called Fresh Air. On this website is possible to choose an installed European wind turbine and “adopt” it. It is FREE cost, and the goal is to make people more conscious on Wind Power’s benefits. You can adopt just one wind turbine for each email, so I suggest you to be sure which one you select. Are you interested to adopt a wind turbine? What are you waiting for?

According to this campaign, the video show us interesting facts on Wind Power sector and the potential of wind energy to satisfy the energy market demand without CO2 emissions. Today, Wind Power represents the 4% in the EU electricity, and in 2030 it is expected to increase that proportion to 35%. Strategic investment for a continent as Europe which is so shortfall of conventional energy resources.


Spanish Government and Political Opposition make an agreement on Renewable Energies.

July 4, 2010

It was obvious. On Friday 02nd July, Spanish Government announced that will cut to 35% until 2013 the economic grants to Wind Power. Furthermore, it is going to reduce the quantity of Kw/h with subsidies. According to the Government, the goal of these actions is “to guarantee the renewable benefits will be invested on the consumer’s interests and relieve the economic situation.” Government will expect to safe 1.300 million Euros.

Wind Energy corporations had expressed their rejection to any cut on the economic grants, but it looks they couldn’t avoid it. It is early to know the whole consequences of this, but it make sense Spanish Wind companies will be forced even more to expand their action to international markets.


Future of Wind Energy in Spain.

June 26, 2010
Spanish Wind Energy Evolution.

Spanish Wind Power Evolution. Source:

Spain is the fourth world’s biggest producer of wind power behind US, Germany and China with an installed capacity of 16 GW at the end of 2008 (the Spanish annual Power System is 91 GW). It means Wind Energy represents the 17% according to the official report by Red Eléctrica de España (Spanish Power Supply) in 2008.

Spain has grown very fast from the 90’s until now and Wind Energy production has overcome the Coal Power Energy and at this moment, and it is the third Spanish energy resource behind the Combine Cycle and Hydraulic Energy generation.

So, now it is the big question: Is the Wind Power to reach the 30% of Spain’s overall energy production?