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Welcome and goals.

June 25, 2010

Set goals.

Hello to everybody! Yes, I know that I started some blogs before and I gave up them, but now it is different. It is different because I am going to start a new experience in my life on the Wind Energy field. At the end of August, I will land on Sweden to start a Master in the Gotland’s University.  What so decission? Well, since I had common sense I always was interested on ways to make a World more ecological and help our planet from pollution and our dependence from Oil & Gas resources.

I think my background is ideal to continue on that field. As maybe you know, I am an Industrial Engineer at Universidad de Vigo which allows me to be familiar with Engineering principles. In addition, I have the specialization on Production Organization at the same university. After finishing my Final Thesis in Sweden, I started working in a multinational company in Madrid where I was a Process Consultant. Then, I worked in a Building Engineering company and then in a Power Plant in Ireland. As you can see on my Curriculum Vitae, my professional experience would suggest to continue working on the Logistic field or study a MBA. But the current situation in Spain and the high fees for those studies make possible to achieve my old dream to work on Environment projects.